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HSE-acceptable lubricant for core retrieval


TUBE LUBE lubricant paste provides increased lubricity to water‐base drilling fluids and is used to lubricate the inner core barrel and core to facilitate entry and removal.

TUBE LUBE paste is especially applicable in high‐angle, exploratory drilling to reduce bit wear and increase effective bit weight.

TUBE LUBE also can be used as a maintenance addition or can be added when torque and drag become a problem. TUBE LUBE additive is  a  brown and opaque material made completely of natural fatty acids and 100% biodegradable and non‐toxic.

For lubricating the inner core tube, a ball of TUBE LUBE paste is placed inside the inner core barrel prior to running into the core barrel. The lubricating ability of TUBE LUBE additive can be increased by coating the ball with a polymer, such as POLYPAC additive, prior to inserting the ball into the inner tube. TUBE LUBE paste can be added to the drilling fluid to increase the lubricity.


  • TUBE LUBE paste lubricates the inner tube, which allows highly fragmented or unconsolidated cores to enter easily and not be lost to the hole after coring.
  • Reduces core‐removal time
  • Environmentally acceptable

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