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Polymer for deflocculating water-based drilling fluids


TACKLE liquid polymer is a low-molecular-weight, anionic thinner designed to deflocculate a wide range of water-base drilling fluids. This concentrated aqueous product has proven itself in applications from the surface to total depth.

While it is frequently used as a shallow-hole thinner to knock the “fluff” out of spud mud, it also maintains effective performance in more complex systems. This synthetic additive has a high temperature limit and is not subject to bacterial degradation.


TACKLE liquid polymer is an effective additive for reducing and stabilizing viscosity in a wide range of systems. It is most effective in freshwater fluids that are low in soluble calcium. TACKLE polymer is used most often in high-temperature applications and in low-solids, non-dispersed, polymer muds such as the Poly-Plus system. Normal treatments range from 0.1 to 2 lb/bbl.


  • Thermally stable to >400° F (>204° C)
  • Not subject to bacterial degradation
  • Effective in weighted or unweighted fluids and compatible with both non-dispersed and dispersed systems
  • Works well as a deflocculant in Poly-Plus polymer mud systems
  • Compatible with most common mud additives
  • A concentrated liquid thinner, easily added to the mud system through the mud hopper or directly into the surface system


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