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Bentonite thermally conductive grout


SMOOTH GROUT THERMAL high-solids bentonite is specially blended and can be mixed with sand in a two-part, thermally conductive grouting material.SMOOTH GROUT THERMAL additive can be mixed to meet a range of thermal conductivity from 0.45 to 1.0 Btu/hr-ft-°F.


SMOOTH GROUT THERMAL was developed specifically as a thermally conductive grout to heighten the performance of ground-source, heat-loop applications. Depending on site soil conditions, SMOOTH GROUT THERMAL betonies can be mixed and adjusted to meet individual thermal-conductivity requirements, improving the transfer of heat between the fluids circulated in the loop and the surrounding soil for optimum system performance.


SMOOTH GROUT THERMAL high-solids bentonite improves the efficiency and system performance of ground-source, heat-loop systems. It does so by matching the thermal conductivity of the surrounding soil and creating a permanent, flexible seal to prevent aquifer contamination.

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