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High-quality PAC fluid loss control polymer


POLYPAC  UL polyanionic cellulose (PAC) is a high‐quality, water‐soluble polymer designed to control fluid loss. Since it is an “ultra‐low” (UL) additive, POLYPAC  UL causes a minimal increase in viscosity in water‐base muds.


POLYPAC UL additive controls fluid loss in freshwater, seawater, KCl and salt muds. It forms a thin, resilient, low‐permeability filter cake. This minimizes the risks of  differential sticking and the invasion of filtrate and mud solids into permeable formations. POLYPAC UL additive resists bacterial attack and does not require a biocide or preservative.

It is effective in low concentrations, with the normal concentration to control fluid loss ranging from 0.25 to 1 lb/bbl (0.71 to 2.85 kg/m3). In saltwater and PAC‐polymer systems, higher concentrations are required for encapsulation, with normal concentrations ranging from 1 to 3 lb/bbl (2.85 to 8.6 kg/m3).

POLYPAC UL additive is an anionic polymer which attaches to, and encapsulates exposed shales and drill cuttings. This protective polymer ʺenvelopeʺ inhibits the dispersion of shale cuttings and restricts fluid interactions with exposed shales.

POLYPAC UL additive is an ʺultra‐lowʺ additive which generates less viscosity than regular POLYPAC additive.


  • Effective in low concentrations to control fluid loss
  • Produces minimal viscosity increase
  • Encapsulates shale particles to inhibit swelling and dispersion
  • Resists bacterial attack; no biocide or preservative is necessary
  • Functions over a wide range of salinity and hardness
  • Effective over a wide range of pH levels
  • Has application in all water‐base muds, ranging from low‐solids, non‐dispersed polymer systems to high‐density, dispersed systems; compatible with all common mud‐treating additives
  • Excellent environmental properties

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