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POLYPAC R polyanionic cellulose is a high‐quality, water‐soluble polymer designed to control fluid‐loss and increase viscosity in water‐base muds. This protective polymer “envelope” inhibits the dispersion of shale cuttings and restricts fluid interactions with exposed shales.

POLYPAC R additive controls fluid‐loss in freshwater, seawater, KCl, and salt muds. It forms a thin, resilient, low‐permeability filtercake which minimizes the potential for differential sticking and the invasion of filtrate and mud solids into permeable formations. POLYPAC R fluid‐loss‐control additive resists bacterial attack, eliminating the need for biocides or preservatives.


  • Effective in low concentrations for controlling fluid‐loss and building viscosity
  • Encapsulates shale particles to reduce dispersion
  • Resists bacterial attack, requiring no biocides or preservatives
  • Functions over a wide range of salinity, hardness, and pH levels
  • Applicable in all water‐base muds, ranging from low‐solids, non‐dispersed polymer systems to high‐density, dispersed systems
  • Compatible with all common mud‐treating additives
  • Excellent environmental acceptability

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