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Multi-function PHPA additive for water-based muds


POLY‐PLUS RD acrylic copolymer (PHPA) is a readily dispersible additive designed to provide cuttings encapsulation and shale stabilization in freshwater to saltwater drilling fluids ranging from low solids to weighted muds.

POLY-PLUS RD is formulated for easy mixing with improved dispersion to eliminate “fish eyes,” which occurs when mixing either large quantities rapidly or mixing high polymer concentrations where good mixing equipment is unavailable. POLY‐PLUS RD acrylic copolymer acts as a viscosifier, friction reducer, and flocculant, while also providing some fluid‐loss control. POLY-PLUS RD polymer also delivers cuttings encapsulation and improved wellbore stability, making it ideal for slim hole and continuous‐coring applications.


  • Readily dispersible and does not form “fish eyes”
  • Excellent cuttings encapsulation limits cuttings dispersion
  • Provides improved shale stabilization
  • Powdered material has significantly lower toxicity than invert‐emulsion, liquid polymers
  • Highly concentrated product (>90% activity) reduces transportation costs and storage space requirements
  • Aids in preventing balling on the bit, stabilizers and bottomhole assembly by coating and lubricating solids
  • Enhances removal of drill solids
  • Can be used to viscosify clear‐water and low‐solids drilling fluids

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