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NSF-certified ultra-high molecular-weight viscosifier for water-based muds


POLY‐PLUS EHV acrylic co-polymer is an extremely high‐molecular‐weight, high‐charge, polyacrylamide that produces very high viscosity solutions at low dosage rates. Supplied as a dry granular powder, POLY‐PLUS EHV is particularly effective in freshwater drilling fluid systems. It has excellent handling characteristics, mixes easily, and dissolves quickly upon being added to water‐based drilling fluid systems.

POLY‐PLUS EHV acrylic copolymer is ideally suited for applications such as water‐well drilling, mineral exploration and construction. Owing to its very high molecular weight, POLY‐PLUS EHV additive also is an excellent flocculant for dewatering drilling fluids, waste pits, and sumps. In addition, POLY‐PLUS EHV acrylic copolymer helps reduce turbulent flow, friction, and power losses at points of high shear. Lowering turbulent flow also helps reduce erosion and washouts of fragile geologic structures.

POLY-PLUS EHV is certified to the stringent NSF/ANSI Standard 60 environmental specifications.


  • Provides a clay‐free boring fluid that disperses easily with minimal shear
  • Soil stabilizer can be used to replace bentonite in a typical geo‐construction application
  • Produces very‐high‐viscosity slurries at low dosage rates
  • Slurries typically have low gel strength
  • Slurry binds loose sand, clay, shale, and gravel, facilitating their removal and preventing dispersal into the slurry
  • Reduces fluid loss by penetrating the surrounding soil with a high‐viscosity gel fluid, sealing the walls of the excavation site without the use of a conventional filter cake
  • Stabilizes reactive formations and is an efficient viscosifier for a clear, solids‐free drilling fluid Provides high cohesiveness to bind sandy soil and gravel E
  • nhances core recovery in continuous wireline coring operations
  • Facilitates the removal of drilled soils from augers
  • Non‐fermenting, without petroleum distillates and easily broken down with household bleach


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