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Low-viscosity clay inhibiting agent


POLY‐PLUS LV acrylic copolymer is a low‐molecular‐weight, medium‐charge acrylic copolymer designed to provide cuttings encapsulation and clay‐dispersion inhibition. It is designed for use in fresh and saltwater drilling fluids.

POLY‐PLUS LV provides minimal viscosity contribution and can enhance filtration properties. When added to MAX GEL viscosifier or MAX BORE HDD bentonite, POLY‐PLUS LV produces an inhibitive drilling‐fluid system without affecting fluid properties.

POLY‐PLUS LV acrylic copolymer provides excellent cuttings encapsulation by adsorbing onto the clay surfaces and forming a protective film that prevents cuttings from sticking to each other or the shaker screen. Due to the low molecular weight of this polymer, the mixing process requires less shear than polymers with higher molecular weights. The resulting fluid can pass through fine shaker screens without blinding.


  • Provides excellent cuttings encapsulation and reduces cuttings dispersion
  • Enhances removal of drill solids
  • Minimal increase in viscosity
  • Improves shale stabilization
  • Reduces risks of screen blinding
  • Does not negatively affect fluid rheology

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