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Fluid-loss control polymer for water-based muds


PLATINUM PAC UL polyanionic cellulose (PAC) is a high‐quality, water‐soluble polymer designed to control fluid loss in water-based drilling fluids. Because it is an “ultra‐low” (UL) additive, it causes a minimal increase in viscosity and is readily dispersible in a wide range of water‐base mud systems.

PLATINUM PAC UL additive controls fluid loss in freshwater, seawater, KCl, and salt muds. It forms a thin, resilient, low‐permeability filter cake that minimizes the potential for differential sticking and the invasion of filtrate and mud solids into permeable formations. PLATINUM PAC UL resists bacterial attack, eliminating the need for biocides or preservatives and is effective in low concentrations.

Because PLATINUM PAC UL additive is low viscosity, it generates less viscosity than POLYPAC and PLATINUM PAC additives . PLATINUM PAC UL anionic polymer attaches to and encapsulates exposed shales and drill cuttings. This protective polymer “envelope” inhibits the dispersion of shale cuttings and restricts fluid interactions with exposed shales. PLATINUM PAC UL tends to work significantly better in saturated salt systems than regular‐viscosity PAC materials. PLATINUM PAC UL is certified to the stringent NSF/ANSI Standard 60 environmental specifications.


  • Readily dispersible
  • Effective in all water-based drilling fluids
  • Environmentally acceptable
  • Low concentrations required for controlling fluid loss and building viscosity
  • Produces minimal viscosity increase
  • Encapsulates shale particles to inhibit swelling and dispersion
  • Resists bacterial attack, requiring no biocides or preservatives
  • Functions over a wide range of salinity, hardness and pH levels

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