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NSF-certified fluid-loss control agent


PLATINUM PAC is a polyanionic cellulose and readily dispersible,water‐soluble polymer designed for use in water‐based drilling fluids. PLATINUM PAC is used as a filtrate reducer and borehole stabilizer in water‐based drilling applications.

PLATINUM PAC additive is certified to the stringent NSF/ANSI Standard 60 environmental specifications. It is effective in low concentrations and is applicable in all water‐based muds, ranging from low‐solids, non‐dispersed polymer systems to high‐density, dispersed systems.


  • Controls fluid loss and produces a thin, slick, tough filter cake
  • Inhibits the hydration of drill solids and encapsulates the drill solids for easier removal
  • Exhibits superior mixing in low‐shear environments
  • Is more readily dispersible than conventional dry PAC polymers
  • Effective in low concentrations for controlling fluid loss
  • Encapsulates shale particles to inhibit swelling and dispersion
  • Resists bacterial attack, requiring no biocides or preservatives
  • Functions over a wide range of salinity, hardness, and pH levels
  • Compatible with all common mud‐treating additives


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