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NSF-certified foaming agent for air drilling applications


PLATINUM FOAM PLUS foaming agent is a water-soluble and biodegradable additive for use in air drilling applications.  PLATINUM FOAM PLUS  specially engineered with a high flash point to minimize transit restrictions and also is formulated with a low freezing point for cold weather applications.

PLATINUM FOAM PLUS foaming agent has the ability to foam in fresh, brackish, or salty waters.  Based on the amount of product added and the injection rate, along with air drilling it also can be used for dust suppression, mist, foam, and stiff-foam drilling.

PLATINUM FOAM PLUS  is certified to stringent NSF/ANSI Standard 60 environmental specifications. 


  • Produces a stable, consistent foam in all types of water
  • Small and tight bubble formation provides excellent carrying capacity
  • Environmentally acceptable and biodegradable
  • Lubricating properties make it suitable for use with downhole hammers
  • Highly stable foam with excellent retention times
  • Improves hole cleaning and penetration rates

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