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Blend of anti-balling surfactants for reactive shales


PLATINUM D‐D additive is an aqueous blend of surface‐active agents designed to reduce the surface tension of water-based drilling fluids. This reduction, in turn, minimizes the sticking tendency of water‐sensitive shale cuttings.

PLATINUM D‐D is applicable for a variety of applications and can be used in virtually any water‐based drilling fluid. It is used primarily in upper‐hole drilling to minimize bit and BHA balling, reduce surface tension, and aid in dropping sand and removing drill solids. Further, PLATINUM D‐D frequently reduces torque and drag, even when no oil is present in the system.


  • Minimizes bit and BHA balling
  • Reduces the surface tension of the liquid phase, helping to drop sand and remove drill solids
  • Improves water‐wetting action on all solids and reduces the sticking tendency of reactive shale cuttings
  • Effective in all water‐base muds

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