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High-yielding bentonite wellbore stabilizer for boring-fluid applications


The MAX BORE HDD system is a proprietary, blended, high‐yielding Wyoming bentonite designed for boring-fluid applications. MAX BORE HDD is supplied as a single‐sack product to provide suspension, wellbore stability and filtration control. The system also helps reduce torque and drag for water‐base applications and is designed to minimize environmental impact.


MAX BORE HDD system provides suspension, improves wellbore stability, controls filtration, and helps reduce torque and drag in boring‐fluid applications. It is a cost‐effective product for achieving viscosity for hole cleaning, gel strength for cuttings suspension and transport, wellbore stability, fluid‐loss control and filter‐cake quality in freshwater and seawater applications. Typical concentrations of the MAX BORE HDD system range from 15‐45 lb/100 gal (18‐54 kg/m3).


  • One‐sack system provides ease of mixing and reduces the number of products required to prepare boring fluid
  • Hydrates more than other types of clays and is best for generating viscosity for hole cleaning, developing gels for suspension and controlling filtration
  • Unique size, shape and high surface area provide superior filtration characteristics
  • Provides lubricity and wellbore stability for ease of drilling and stability of water‐sensitive clays and shales
  • Non‐toxic and environmentally safe

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