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Technical grade xanthan gum viscosifier


DUO-TEC dispersible, non-clarified technical grade xanthan gum provides viscosity, including low-shear-rate viscosity, and weight-material suspension for all water-base mud systems. DUO-TEC xanthan gum has the unique ability to produce a fluid that is highly shear-thinning and thixotropic.


The primary function of DUO-TEC xanthan gum is to increase viscosity for cuttings transport and suspension. DUO-TEC xanthan gum performs effectively in all water-base fluids, from highly weighted to low-solids systems. This includes freshwater, seawater, salt and heavy-brine systems.

DUO-TEC optimizes the rheological profile with elevated low-shear-rate viscosity and highly shear-thinning characteristics with low “n” values. These characteristics frequently result in fluids with inverted flow properties. Shear-thinning fluids have low effective viscosities at the high shear rates encountered inside the drill string and at the bit. This low effective viscosity for minimal pressure losses and standpipe pressures allows optimized hydraulics and maximized rates of penetration.

Conversely, at the low shear rates experienced in the annulus, DUO-TEC xanthan gum enables the fluid to have a high effective viscosity for adequately cleaning the well and suspending cuttings.


  • Highly effective viscosifier
  • Shear-thinning rheological profile for improved hydraulics
  • Minimum frictional pressure losses for additional hydraulic horsepower at the bit and low, high-shear-rate viscosity for maximum penetration rates
  • Viscous laminar flow in the annulus for improved wellbore stability with maximum hole-cleaning and suspension capacity
  • Easy to mix

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