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Inorganic viscosifier for water-based bentonite muds


DRIPLEX HDD is a specially engineered inorganic chemical viscosifier for water‐based bentonite drilling fluids. It is used to enhance the gel strengths of the specialty MAX GEL viscosifier.

The DRILPLEX HDD viscosifier allows for the formulation of drilling fluids with exceptional shear‐thinning properties. The result is a mud possessing both excellent dynamic and static solids carrying capacity, as indicated by high‐yield point and low plastic‐viscosity readings. When not circulating, the drilling fluid instantly reverts to a gelled state. This state increases the suspending capacity as indicated by high and non‐progressive gel strength readings.


  • High ROP
  • Optimum cuttings transport
  • Excellent solids suspension
  • Superb borehole stabilization
  • Reduced drilling costs

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