24″ Hinged Locking Vault Manhole

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 The WellTech™ Hinged Locking Vault permits secure limited access to
monitoring / observation wells. It has a CNC precision cut lock box cover
protecting the recessed locking device. The vault has a 3/8″ steel frame
supporting all four sides and is available as standard or water-resistant.    • Steel Floor Plate 3/8″ Thick Cover, Painted Black

    • 16 GA Aluminized Corrosion Resistant Steel Skirt
    • Cover Opens 120 Degrees with Latch
    • AASHTO H-20 Wheel Loading
    • Secure Lock Box with Permanently Attached Lid
    • 100% Made in USA



    PART #: WT-024-SLVM
    Description: Locking Hinged Vault
    Width: 26″
Depth: 24″
Weight: 140 lbs.


   PART #: WT-024-SLVMWR
   Description: Locking Hinged Vault Water Resistant

Width: 26″

Depth: 24″

Weight: 140 lbs.


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